Sunday, February 7, 2016

Rendered with Cycles branched path-tracing with 1200 samples for volume, 125 samples for diffuse and glossy, and 15 samples for the rest. Denoised with ms nlmeans c noise2 within G'MIC.

And here's one with a Lamborghini Countach in it, because why not.


Daniels Gulbis said...

These look increadable! How much did it take to render/ model these?

EgilsArajs said...

Thank you! Modelling the classroom took about 2 hours or so. The Lamborghini Countach model, though was about 3 full working days. Note that I also modeled quite a few interior details for it, such as the engine block and brake calipers.
The rendering times vary for each picture. The first one took about 2 hours to render, as it has volumetric scattering in it, but the other two took around 15 minutes each.

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