Thursday, January 9, 2014


This video is an assignment for the Animation and Graphics Design course in my university.

While I am quite proud of it as an assignment, it still falls short for being worthy of a place in a professional portfolio due to clunky animation, lack of contrast, bad composition and lacking story-telling.

On the bright side - I gained tons of experience in the process; my next animation will be far better than this one and, hopefully, worthy of a spot in my portfolio/demo-reel.

Here's some trivia behind the story, in case you missed the punch-line.

Technical information:

  • Total project size - 51 GB
  • Models - highly modified models from NASA's 3D model library with my own textures.
  • Render specs: 70-250 samples per 1080p frame. Samples were set for each render layer seperately, to increase render efficiency. For stationary camera renders render border was used, again, to increase render efficiency.
  • Total amount of frames: 1330


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