Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bigfoot Game Character WIP#1


This is the Bigfoot - a game character I am creating for Koplay Ltd. from a concept art they provided.

Koplay Ltd was kind enough to let me showcase the progress on the model, prior to the release of their final product.

So far I have baked high resolution texture maps from a sculpt to a rigged low-poly mesh, as well as colorcoded few areas of importance for further texturing.

Thursday, January 9, 2014



This video is an assignment for the Animation and Graphics Design course in my university.

While I am quite proud of it as an assignment, it still falls short for being worthy of a place in a professional portfolio due to clunky animation, lack of contrast, bad composition and lacking story-telling.

On the bright side - I gained tons of experience in the process; my next animation will be far better than this one and, hopefully, worthy of a spot in my portfolio/demo-reel.

Here's some trivia behind the story, in case you missed the punch-line.

Technical information:

  • Total project size - 51 GB
  • Models - highly modified models from NASA's 3D model library with my own textures.
  • Render specs: 70-250 samples per 1080p frame. Samples were set for each render layer seperately, to increase render efficiency. For stationary camera renders render border was used, again, to increase render efficiency.
  • Total amount of frames: 1330

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Procedural Space

It's amazing what you can do with procedural modelling and texturing.

The image is captured real-time in Vladimir Romanyuk's Space Engine

Lunar Landing

This is a scene of an animation I am doing for my university assignment.
Here's a viewport render.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Yet ANOTHER render of the legendary Russian Flanker-D air superiority aircraft. Can't have enough of those.

It is very likely that I will update this render with cockpit internal components and those dark jet-streams that Russian aircraft tend to produce.
I might also want to reduce or disable the lens dirt effects.